Fixed Fees

  • Notices. Preparation and service of a Section 21 notice is £95.00 and includes the service of any prescribed information not yet done by the landlord. If the landlord can show that these documents are served, then the section 21 will be discounted to £65.00.

  • Section 8 notice £75.00. We need an up to date schedule of arrears and the tenant must be at least two months not paid. Discounted to £25.00 if we have already served  section 21.

  • Court papers. Preparation of court papers all routes £475.00 all in.

  • Court fees are £355.00 for accelerated and standard route.

  • Court fee for the bailiff is £121.00 and you pay the court
    We make no further charge here. Our fee of £475.00 covers you for the court papers and completing the warrant for land form.You send us the order, we return the completed form to you which you send to the court with the court fee. 


  • Solicitor if required. Section 8 court date may require a solicitor. We can arrange this in any county court for £180.00 inclusive for a hearing.

  • Extra ordinary statements. This requires an extra ordinary defense which in our vast experience stems form nothing to lose by putting in a defense attitude by the tenant and often results in buying time.Nevertheless this type of defense will result in a hearing and requires a winning rebuttal statement. Here you clearly do not want a solicitor writing it at £200.00 an hour. In any case this is all we do and have a very clear understanding of how to reply on a Housing Act, Deregulation act and Localism Act issue. It's all about the rules and we know understand and utilise them in your statement but not at £200.00 and hour. We charge £50.00 for a standard argument statement and most are. If really long (rare) we will still be very competitive for this

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