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We help landlords with tenant eviction in the accelerated Possession and section 8 Claims.


Serve section 21 notices and Section 8 Notices.


Fix deposit and deregulation act issues prior to serving the notice.

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About the Process Experts.


As a specialised consultancy, it is unlikely that a high street solicitor will have performed a fraction of the tenant evictions that we have, with the diverse situations in the thousands of evictions that we have successfully handled.  

For us, obtaining a possession order which does not result in a hearing is the objective and consistently achieved. If you have served your own notice we will say from the paperwork you provide that your procedure will or will not obtain a possession order.


We can show you how to fix any issues so that you will get your possession order.

Many Letting Agents and Landlords prefer to serve the section 21 notice themselves amid the minefield that it is.

One aim of this web site is to provide some assistance with that in regard to understanding the deregulation act and tenancy deposit rules. For some peace of mind we suggest that giving the court paper preparation to The Process Experts will be highly cost effective. The court will use any reason it can find to fail your claim, because they oversee compliance with the rules.

We take care of you until you get the possession order and do not charge more for preparing the warrant for land.​

The growth in draconian rules have become an inhibiting factor for any one venturing toward enforcing a section 21 notice without a comprehensive understanding of the rules. 

The Localism Act, The Deregulation Act, the tenancy deposit rules, all contribute to the ease with which the court can dismiss a case. Not to mention the special licence rules now appearing in different locations mostly in London.

Yet key is the fact that this is a rule based process, and in knowing, understanding and implementing the rules is exactly the knowledge and skill required to achieve a one hundred per cent possession order success rate.

A quick glance at the latest N5B will show you how and why the process experts can help you or your client.