Wales has its own separate rules Under the Housing Act Wales 2014

Serving the section 21 notice in Wales

There is no deregulation Act in Wales but they both run with all of the 1988 Housing act rules to which Wales tag on top their own set of rules called Housing Act Wales 2014. 

All of the matters covered under accelerated possession are the same in England and Wales. The housing act 1988 and the court rules under Civil Procedure Rules 55 is the same for England and Wales. 

Rent Smart Wales

With Rent Smart, the Landlord who is undertaking his own management of his own property must be a licenced landlord. He must also register each property and inform the registration of any changes.  

The landlord cannot serve a section 21 notice if he is not licensed and not registered his property accordingly. The deposit rules are the same.

He/she could use an agent who is fully licenced and avoid the need to apply for a licence and then the agent must fully manage the property and register the property in his name.

There is more information on that here

The rules are many and varied and we would be happy to discuss any area which you are not sure about in order to clarify a situation and assist in any way that we can.

The notice is not the form 6a and is not of a particular form or wording.